How to Install A Sliding Barn Door?

Posted on June 22 2018

How to Install A Sliding Barn Door?

As one of the largest barn door and hardware supplier, we can custom any size barn doors to match your openings, not only the size but also the material and color. 

We always try our best to make our customer 100% satisfied with our product and the installations we did. 

We have the largest selection range of interior sliding barn door and hardware, including handles, locks and all relevant accessories, top quantity guaranteed.

Installing a sliding barn door by yourself helps save money. If you are replacing an old one with a new sliding barn door, you need to remove the old one and prepare the opening for new barn door installation. Aubarndoor has all kinds of barn doors which can be cusomised and we also support you on installation.


To install a sliding barn door by yourself is easy, follow our instructions:

  1. Draw a line above the opening with a pencil and spirit level (line position: door height + 43mm, line length: your track length );
  2. Usually we will attach a piece of timber on the plaster wall first, then screw the track on the timber (For example, 1.8m track we use 1800x42x18mm timber board). Step 2 is to find the stud behind the plaster board, use a stud scanner or use you hand to knock the wall, use a drill driver to confirm the position of each stud centre and circle it with pencil;
  3. Put the track on the timber board, mark each screw hole position, pre-drill the smaller holes on the timber;
  4. Screw the timber board on the wall;
  5. Screw the track on the timber board (Screw the soft close on the track first if you have);
  6. Follow the paper instructions drill the roller holes on the barn door;
  7. Screw the rollers on the barn door;
  8. Hung the barn door on the track;
  9. Confirm the floor guide position, make sure the barn door won't scratch the wall while sliding, then screw the floor guide on the floor;
  10. Adjust the stoppers, close the door and screw the soft close hook on the top of the barn door, screw the anti-jumps on the top of the door at last;

Note: as our barn doors are made of pine, it is not hard wood even hard wood couldn't be that strong as metal doors, so please slide the doors gently, otherwise it may be damaged, especially for large size barn doors.




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