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Posted on May 14 2024

Doors for Small Spaces

In modern homes, space can serve as both a gift and a challenge. On one side, it defines our living setup's coziness and warmth. On the other side, too little of it can pin us in the daunting task of choosing the right décor and fittings. One such critical choice revolves around doors, particularly doors for small spaces also known as small space doors, when dealing with tight spots. Preparation and smart choices are key to maintaining harmony in compact areas.

But, surprise,  Choices abound, From doors for tight spaces to compact door solutions, we've got you covered! Fascinatingly, small spaces are not the cumbersome nemesis they used to be! 

Today, we delve into how to make the most of these modest areas with fitting door choices. So buckle up, as we explore space-saving doors and ideas!

Why Choose doors for small spaces: Benefits & Applications

Doors for small spaces, my friend, are not a temporary trend, but a timeless, practical choice filling your toolbox with space-saving ideas But why, you ask? Aha, stay tuned because this is where it gets interesting!

Firstly, these doors or should I say compact door solutions? save on space (obviously!), as they slide, fold, or disappear into the wall instead of swinging open. This feature leaves you with extra square footage to utilise as you please. We all love space-saving doors, don't we?

doors for small spaces

Secondly, these space-saving doors are capable of making a small room appear larger by creating visual flow. Since most of these doors incorporate lots of glass, they allow extra light into the room, making it cheerier and more welcoming. Who said small spaces have to look dull?

Finally, these small space doors lend a touch of sophistication to your home. From their sleek designs to a variety of materials and finishes, these doors merge functionality with aesthetic appeal seamlessly. Treat them as part of your home décor, because they deserve it!

Types of Doors for Small Spaces

Barn Doors: Classic & Trendy

When we say barn doors, the first thing you might picture is a vast farm in the countryside. But, wait a minute! Modern barn doors have become a design sensation and are now considered a part of compact door solutions. They embody an elegant fusion of functionality and rural charm, making them scalable for small spaces.

doors for small spaces

Barn doors are known for their space-saving sliding mechanism, a brilliant space-saving idea. This aspect liberates floor space that swinging doors would otherwise gobble up. Hence, they are perfect for tight spots or where there is no room for a door to swing open. They have evolved into popular doors for tight spaces. So why not think of your small spaces as potential canvases for showcasing these trendy barn doors? Check out these barn door-inspired compact door solutions for your space!

doors for small spaces

 Our friends at Aubarndoor have quite a range. From classic barn doors to modern ones, their selection can cater to various tastes and translations of the term 'home'. So let us embrace barn doors, not just as countryside entities, but as stylish trends fitting into our urban nests!

Glass Bifold Doors: Light and Functional

Glass Bifold doors are like your favourite multi-tasker friend, always ready to perform more than what is required. These doors are prominent for their practicality and how well they serve in areas with small spaces.

Glass Bifold doors offer the advantage of folding back to a minimal stack size, enabling more access through the opening. Broadly speaking, they are an ideal choice for closets, cupboards or ensuites, a range where saving space is the top priority. Amongst many options, frosted glass bifold doors provide you both privacy and that aesthetic sophistication you desire!

Pocket Doors: Hidden and Convenient (Deeper Dive)

You've heard about hidden treasures, but have you ever considered hidden doors as a treasure trove for smart space utilisation? Pocket doors are exactly that! These space-saving marvels slide into the wall when opened, entirely out of sight, and thus out of your way.

There's no room too small for a pocket door. Whether it be ensuites, utilities, or walk-in closets where traditional swinging doors seem like an intrusive thought, pocket doors come to the rescue. They save on floor space, and complement your interior with their minimalistic design.

But, where pocket doors score best is their compatibility with open-plan designs. They allow you to easily switch between open and partitioned spaces by just sliding the door out or into its pocket. It's almost magical how they transform your spaces!

And they don't lack in the design department either. With a wide range of finishes and styles available, pocket doors cater to various aesthetic tastes. They promise functional efficiency while adding a dose of charm to your homes. After all, who doesn't like the surprise element they bring in by camouflaging into your walls?


Folding Doors: Acoustic and Versatile

If your intent is to add versatility to your compact spaces, folding doors can be your pick. They run on tracking systems which allow them to fold back on themselves in a concertina style.

doors for small spaces

Another variant of folding doors that's particularly popular is the bi-fold doors (also known as concertina doors). Just like pocket doors, bi-fold doors are effective space-savers, and these 'doors for tight spaces' typically find their place in closets, pantries or laundry rooms where space-saving is crucial.

Then we have the Accordion Folding Doors, which are a bit of an acoustic champion! These doors serve an additional purpose of soundproofing along with their primary function of a door. They are ideal for separating living spaces or wherever you need some peace and quiet.

Evidently, folding doors are not just compact door solutions; they are also stylish and contemporary. Ready to discover them in your homes?

Door Alternatives for Small Spaces: Beyond Traditional Doors

Often, in a bid to save on space, one might decide to steer clear of traditional doors altogether. And why not? With numerous innovative door alternatives available today, you can do away with doors without sacrificing privacy or functionality. Let's look at some of these alternatives.

  1. Curated Shelves: One fashionable way to create a partition is to use a shelf full of curios. It provides an interesting visual divide and acts as a conversation starter. Plus, it does double duty by providing extra storage!
  2. Stylish Arches: How about replacing a door with an arch? Arches can open up your small space, giving it a luxurious, expansive feel while ensuring smooth movement between areas.
  3. Dynamic Curtains: Curtains are an age-old solution when it comes to door alternatives. Choose from sheer, opaque, or even beaded ones. Besides being cost-effective, they add an effortless aesthetic appeal to your interior decor.
  4. Unique Room Dividers: Room dividers and folding screens are another fantastic option. From woven panels to geometric patterns, their variety can add an unexpected and fashionable twist to your decor.

Irrespective of the style of your interior, there's always a door alternative that can beautifully integrate with your decor and yet meet your space constraints. Unconventional, yes, but these door alternatives could be the perfect space-saving solutions you need.

How to Choose the Right Door for Your Small Space: Things to Consider

With a multitude of door styles and alternatives at your disposal, picking the right one for your small space might seem like sifting through a maze. Fret not! Here are a few guiding points to oversee this quest.

  1. Purpose: Whether it's ensuring privacy, fostering openness, or facilitating seamless movement, the purpose of the door is paramount. The design and type of door you choose should cater to your specific functional needs.
  2. Style Quotient: Doors are not just passageways; they are integral elements of your home decor. From traditional doors to funky curtains, opt for something that gels with your aesthetic vision.
  3. Budget: Money matters. From pocket-friendly curtains to high-end pocket doors, there are options to cater to every budgetary requirement. It's important to choose something that doesn't throw your financial planning off course.
  4. Maintenance: Some doors might look appealing, but they could also demand higher maintenance. Consider the cost of time, effort, and money involved in upkeeping your choice of door.

Tailoring space-saving door solutions to individual needs and tastes should be your ultimate goal. It's crucial to strike a balance between practicality and aesthetics. The right door should not only enhance the charm of your small space but also reinforce its utility, creating an inviting and efficient environment.


Navigating the world of doors for tight spaces and compact door solutions may seem like a challenge, but a little guidance can help unravel its beauty. From conventional choices like glass bifold doors and pocket doors to versatile alternatives like folding and pivot doors, there's a door for every space and persona. Moreover, door alternatives offer you the freedom to move away from traditional options and snazz up your interiors.

Remember to consider essential factors like purpose, style, budget, and maintenance when choosing your door of choice. You want a door that complements your home, not one that stands out for the wrong reasons.

Don't shy away from exploring and experimenting! Innovation is the name of the game when it comes to space-saving doors. Remember, it's your home - your personal canvas. You have the freedom to paint it in the colours of your choice. So why not make it fun, efficient, and welcoming?

The world of space-saving doors is far and wide. Embrace the journey. You never know, you might find a door style that you never knew existed, but once you do, you can't live without it. Let your doors speak volumes about your taste and persona, all the while saving space!

The right door can make all the difference. Dive into a world of incredible 'doors for small spaces' with us. Start experimenting and discover a door that adds charm, saves space, and ties your room together beautifully. Find your perfect door match now at Aubarndoor.

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