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Black Sliding Barn Door Hardware BB05

Black Sliding Barn Door Hardware BB05 - Made  of iron and POM, black powder coated, comes in a complete kit with constructions, easy to install.

This product only contains the hardware kit, the Barn Door  and handles needs to be purchased from us separately;

Track over 2m will comes in two pieces;

Soft Close/Open is only available for doors under 60kg;

Material Iron & POM
Length 1.5m-4m+
Weight 10kg
For Door Weight Up to 120kg
For Door Thickness 35-45mm
 Warranty 12 month



 Roller  2 or 4(Double Door)
 Track  1 piece or 2 pieces(over 2m) or 4 pieces (4.8m)
 Stopper  2 or 4(Double Door)
 Floor Guide  1 or 2(Double Door)
 Anti-jump  2 or 4(Double Door)
 Support  Variant
 Soft Close(Optional)  1/2/4
 Instruction  1
 Joiner  0 or 1


Don't know what size you need?

Usually the track's length needs to be double the door's width

 Track Length Door Width
1.5M < 750MM
1.6M 750MM < W < 800MM
1.8M  800MM < W < 900MM
2M  900M < W < 1000MM
2.4M 1000MM < W < 1200MM
2.8M 1200MM < W <1400MM
3M 1400MM < W < 1500MM
3.2M 1500MM < W < 1600MM
3.6M 1600MM < W < 1800MM
4M 1800MM < W < 2000MM
4.8M 2000MM < W < 2400MM

Still not sure what size you need? Contact us anytime


130mm minimum space is required above the door (not the opening).

We can do installations for VIC customers, contact us for more details;

To install this system, the wall must be strong enough. For plaster wall we recommend to attach a piece of timber board (For example,  2m rail, we use 2000x42x18mm timber) on the wall first, then screw the rail on the timber board;

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All products shown on this web site are subject to Aubarndoors’ stocks in Melbourne, Australia;

This product only contains the hardware kit, the barn door needs to be purchased from us separately;


We do delivery to nationwide Australia except for some regional areas which may be out of the courier service range.

Please do not use PO Box as your receiving address, as most of our product packaging length is over 1.5m.


If you have any question, please feel free to contact us at:

P: 1300 227 636

M: 0455 663 777