Custom Barn Doors

Custom Barn Doors Size

Aubarndoor is a leading Australian supplier of custom barn doors to consumer market, the building and construction industry. If you are looking for the custom barn doors, please provide the dimension of the custom barn doors you need, we are glad to let work out estimate of your custom barn doors.


Things you need to know about the size of Custom Barn Doors 

Custom barn doors usually take 2 to 3 months, we've provided the custom barn doors samples and listed on website. We also encourage you to provide a clear picture of the custom barn doors you plan to purchase, we would like to work together with you for your ideal custom barn doors.

For the size of your custom barn doors, we recommend 3-5cm bigger than the opening on each side, leave at least 150mm between the ceiling and the top of the opening, the door's height could be the same as the opening's height if you don't have too much space on the top of the opening;

Step 1: Measure the height and width of your opening (include the architrave if any), 

             the distance between the ceiling and the top of the opening;

Step 2: Confirm the door size you need, remember the door has to fully cover the

            opening, 3-5cm wider than the opening, but could be the same height as

            the opening. Remember the minimum distance between the ceiling and the

            top of the door is 140mm;

Step 3: Provide us your opening measurement and confirm the door size with us


Step 4: Place the custom order with us and pay the deposit. Custom orders usually

             take 1-2 month;

We will contact you as soon as your custom barn door is ready, then arrange the delivery ASAP;


For extra large of custom barn doors, such as the height is over 2.4m, and the width is over 1.5m, If you are not in VIC, please arrange the transportation by yourself.

No urgent orders, as the custom barn doors will be manufactured overseas and sent to our warehouse by sea freight, we can not tell an exact date when it will be here and it may delay by unexpect reason, all dates provided is estimated only.


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