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Our external Meranti door has a high-specification engineered construction improving the performance of the finished product.

Laminated timber stiles and rails not only offer stability against bowing and twisting but also give the look and feel of a solid timber door with the added advantage of being a stronger and more stable product.

It is recommended for our external Meranti doors be protected against rain and direct sunlight exposure. If this precaution is not observed, the performance and appearance of the door might be less satisfactory.

Please note this is not a regular stock item, handling time is 3-5 business days;

 Material  Engineered construction veneered laminated timber
 Core  Solid
 Door Construction  Stile and rail construction
 Finishing  Unfinished, ready for stain or paint


Our external Meranti door is not just a beautiful design. It is crafted with innovations and advanced joinery techniques to make a beautiful, long-lasting, and strong door. The design is optimized to give your house a modern and classic look without compromising its durability against harsh weather.


Care & Maintenance

1. If the door needs to be trimmed, it must be trimmed equally from both sides. Each side of the door may be trimmed up to a maximum of 5mm for doors with a lipping of 10mm or more.
2. Under any circumstances, do not step on any of the door units. Some of the units may contain glass making it fragile to pressure.
3. Avoid dragging and/or pulling the doors with each other. Our doors should be carried while being moved.
4. Interior doors should not be exposed to extremes of heat and/or humidity. Prolonged exposure to heat and/or humidity could cause damage to our
interior doors. To maintain the quality of our interior door on the storage, store it flat on a surface level in a dry and well-ventilated building, where
the temperature and humidity can be controlled.
5. For the door installations, the use of 3 (three) hinges is recommended to achieve more rigidity and longevity.
6. Clean your door using a damp cloth. Do not hose or use chemicals or abrasives on your door. Lightly oil the hinges for optimum performance.

Finishing Instructions

1. All surfaces should be cleaned and in dry condition before finishing. Sand off any handling marks.

2. Remove all handling marks, raised grain, scuffs, and other undesirable blemishes by sanding it off in a horizontal motion with 120, 150, or 180 grit
sandpaper. Be careful not to cause cross-grain scratches.

3. After sanding, clean the door’s surfaces with a dry cloth to remove all remaining dust and/or debris.

4. Pre-finished products must be re-sealed as above in areas where timber has been exposed during alterations. White-primed products should be
sealed with a final top coat with particular attention paid to any areas where the priming has been removed.

5 . All of the door’s surfaces must be properly finished, including the top and bottom of external doors.

6. Oil based sealers or primer coats provide the best base coat for finishing.

7. Select an appropriate top coat for the application, please also consider your final color choice for external doors, avoid dark colors. We recommend doors to be finished with a light reflective value of no less than 55%.


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